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About Wedding Invitations

A wedding is often the most important day in a couple's life, and is considered right up there with a birth or christening. One great way to announce the impending special day with great style and aplomb, is to choose a high quality set of wedding invitations. Choosing a style that reflects your personality, along with the type of wedding you are planning, will let your guests know that the day will be a special one, and a date that they just can't miss.

While electronic forms of communication are growing in popularity every day, with services like email, Facebook, Twitter and text messages slowly replacing more traditional forms of communication, when it comes to wedding invitations, you can't beat a physical card, sent through the post or delivered by hand, for setting the tone of the big day.


While it is fine to send a 'save the date' email to announce the chosen date to your would-be guests, most of your friends and family will be expecting, and perhaps hoping, for a paper invitation to reach them. With so many different styles available, there will be something out there that should appeal to you and help start your wedding plans off on the right foot. For those of you who want to incorporate some more recent technology into your invitations, while still remaining traditional, then custom designs and motifs, as well as personalised photos, can be incorporated into many good wedding invitations these days. As this is your special day, it makes sense to send out invitations that reflect this.

Sending our wedding invitations gives you a chance to give your guests some clues as to the theme and tone of your wedding day. The invitation will communicate whether it is to be a formal wedding or an informal celebration. You can also incorporate your wedding colours into the invitation so guests know in advance what your colour scheme will be throughout the day of your wedding.

Beautiful wedding invitations will be displayed on your friends and family's the mantle pieces for weeks prior to the day, so its important to send a quality invitation which will take pride of place and be a constant reminder of the wonderful day to come