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Casserole De Marriage

Take a girl and a man, put them in a house or a flat. 
Take all their love and strain carefully to remove any trace of sarcasm, bitterness or irritation.
Add two large measures of good temper, intelligence, tolerance, patience, understanding, thoughtfulness and laughter. 
Then add half a measure of tidiness; and half a measure of ambition. 
Add a dash of spice of discussion, and mix all ingredients together with their love and let stand. 
If too much spice has been used, the mixture will curdle. 
If so add another measure of understanding and tolerance, and the mixture will again become smooth. 
Watch carefully – curdling must never be allowed to continue overnight.  This will endanger the whole. 
Moisten mixture thoroughly with large quantity of milk of human kindness, mix with equal parts of common sense and laughter.  Sprinkle liberally with a sense of humour and divide evenly between two people. 
Cook carefully over the fire of knowledge, and Love of God, and let stand for a long time.

From ‘The four Graces’ Anthology