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Rose Gold Wedding Invites

Rose gold wedding invites are on trend and are a popular choice for wedding colour schemes for 2018. 

Also known as Blush Gold this luxurious shine of gold is given a warm and rosy tint to create a fabulous colour which can be carried across all aspects of your wedding stationery.

Here at Invitation House, you’ll find a gorgeous selection of wedding invitations and most of our wedding invites can be ordered with a rose gold satin ribbon.  We have a a variety of designs from modern and sophisticated to vintage and elegant.

Wedding invites can also be produced using a rose gold print in any font style and then teamed with a fabulously luxurious satin ribbon.

Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy also known as blush gold, pink gold and red gold and was popular at the beginning of the nineteenth century.  Although the names are often used interchangeably, the difference between red, rose, pink and blush gold is the copper content: the higher the copper content, the stronger the red coloration.  Blush gold uses the least copper, followed by rose gold, with red gold having the highest copper.