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Save The Date Cards

You’ve found your dream venue and booked the perfect date, now you need to make sure your nearest and dearest keep it free.

Whether you choose to send a traditional card that matches the rest of your stationery or something a little different, timing is everything. So, when should you send your save the date cards?

Announce the date of your wedding well in advance of sending out your wedding invitations. This is particularly useful if your wedding is on a weekday or when people are likely to be away on holiday. Save the Dates can be sent out a year or more in advance of your wedding and can easily be included in your Christmas cards.

It is important to notify your guests as soon as you know the date of your wedding so that your wedding date can be put into diaries. Sending out save the date cards in advance takes the pressure off organising your wedding invitations so you can take your time and ensure all ceremony and reception details are correct and included.

 If you are getting married on a weekday or during school holidays then the earlier your guests know this, the more easily they can arrange to be with you on your wedding day.
You may not know all of the specifics for the wedding yet, but don’t worry at this stage. That is why you follow up your save the dates with a formal invitation, around two months before the big day.

If you’re allowing plus ones, try to include them on the save the date so that everyone is clear from the start who is and who isn’t invited. That goes for children too. If you aren’t inviting children, then parents will need to make alternative arrangements for them. Sending a clear save the date will allow them the time to do so. You only need to send save the dates to the people that you definitely want at your ceremony, so finalise your guest list before sending them.

If you are inviting some guests to the evening reception, you do not need to send out save the dates, just the invitation when the time comes. You will have a selection of people who you plan to ask to your evening reception but, if some of the guests you invite to the ceremony cannot attend, you might wish to invite some of your evening guests in their place. You wouldn’t need to send a save the date in this case. Be warned though, no one likes to be second best, so try not to let on that these guests are on a reserve guest list.

If you plan on marrying abroad or away from your home town, include this information on your save the date. This gives guests time to book holiday from work and save for the additional cost of flights and accommodation.

If you have chosen the theme and feel for your day, choose a save the date to fit with the rest of your plans. Laid-back, rustic weddings would suit a brown kraft card save the date or to give your guests a flavour of your colour scheme for the day choose one with a ribbon.   Choose a design that reflects you as a couple along with the day you want to have and you can’t go wrong.

save the date cards save the date cards Save The Date Cards