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Wedding Invitations - Add a Touch of Class with Ribbon

Your wedding invitation, or in fact your invitation to any celebration, is one of your first steps to planning your wedding or celebration. This is the first hint for your guests of what is to come at your weddding ceremony and reception.

There are thousands and thousands of wedding and civil partnership invitation designs to choose from and Invitation House can supply you with affordable invitations which will match your wedding colours and the theme of your special day. We have a huge range of invitation ribbon colours which can be matched up to your bridesmaids dresses, the flower arrangements, wedding cake and decorations at the reception venue.

Personalised wedding stationery is the best way to include you and your fiancé’s personality into your invites. By adding some ribbon to your invitations you are helping to give your guests an early indication of your colour scheme so they can plan their own outfit so as not to clash with your colours.

If you are leaning towards classy wedding invitations then satin ribbons will clearly represent this. Ribbons are a great way to make your personalised invitations stand out from many other invitations. We also stock a huge range of organza ribbon which is a fine sheer quality ribbon with woven edges to stop fraying.

If you want go the little step further we have invitations which combine a ribbon and diamante heart and give a lovely elegant feel - it will really start to get your guests very excited when these wedding invites drop on their door mat!

Dressing up your wedding invitations with ribbons and diamantes add great flair to the occasion and gives the impression of luxury wedding stationery, which usually costs far more.

If you have additional information cards inside the invitation the ribbon can be used to secure everything together and offers a sense of occasion when your guest receives the invitation and unties their bundle.

Ribbons are a nice touch to any invitation and they will show your guests your wedding colours and style in advance they really help you put your mark on your occasion. Use ribbon to dress the wedding car, the wedding cake and other items of wedding stationery so everything matches.

If you prefer to source your own ribbon we offer an invitation printing service so that you can have your wedding invitations and wedding stationery professionally printed and then you can add your own ribbon or embellishments making the invitations exactly as you’d want them.

These are known as part DIY Wedding Invitations and more couples are choosing this route, to ensure they still send out top quality printed invites which they wouldn’t be able to reproduce on a home printer but want the enjoyment of adding some personal touches to the invitations themselves before sending them out.

We keep all invitation layouts on file so if you need additional quantities at a later date we can easily despatch out some more within a couple of days.