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Wedding RSVP Cards and Menu RSVP Cards

It is customary to include RSVP cards with wedding invitations to supply your guests with a method of responding. Not only do you then have a way of knowing who is attending your nuptials, but you also have a simple way to ensure you receive all the information from your guests that you need.

Because of the ease of gathering information to plan your wedding, the RSVP has become a traditional inclusion with your wedding invitations. As for what you want to include on the RSVP, it is up to you. An RSVP can be quite simple with only your contact information followed by a space for guests to indicate if they are coming and if so, how many other guests they are bringing with them.

They can also be more detailed to include things like a meal choice, the ages of the guests, or any allergies that you should be aware of. Sending these together with the invitation then is also a tradition as the longer you have to adjust for anyone with special needs that is coming to your wedding, the better you will be able to prepare for them.

Wedding Menu RSVP Card